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Redefining the

Intro was born out of a need to meet the demands of a thriving e-commerce market in Malta. With over 30,000 products from premium brands, its objective is to guarantee customer satisfaction through a consumer centred online marketplace.


The main purpose is to offer a multivendor site that features multiple brands within the same online store and provides a customer centric service through a variety of customizable functions and services.

The brand is a carousel that encompasses multiple brands within its website offering the latest in advanced digital technology products. It carries products from renowned global brands, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Lego, Russell Hobbs, and Dyson, etc.

The offering is unique in its emphasis on optimizing the customer experience by leveraging communication tools, payment facilities, and an incentive system based on the Lava Rewards brand.
From secure central payments, safe website browsing, and social media integration, takes accessibility to higher and safer levels than previously available on the market.


The multivendor website implements a series of tools and functionalities that target the experience of both vendors and customers.

Vendors have the ability to display product features and to manage products, stocks, coupons and discount schemes through a vendor dashboard. They can benefit from a click and collect functionality, and from a customized delivery functionality based on their schedules and the needs of their clients.

Customers are offered customized and responsive landing pages, multivendor checkout processes, a robust consumer support ticketing system for assistance throughout the entire website, and a function that allows them to add items to their wishlist and receive reminder emails and notifications when a wished product goes on sale or is back in stock.
They have the additional option of collecting and redeeming points thanks to the integrated Lava Rewards program. Lava Reward points can be collected by purchasing products and then used as currency to purchase more products on

Advanced product search and product filtering, as well as fraud detection functionalities further optimize the experience of vendors and customers.

Winner for Best eCommerce Website (B2C)

The website is the winner of the Best eCommerce Website (B2C) in The Malta eBusiness Awards 2021. The eBusiness Awards is an awards ceremony organised by and is intended to promote and reward Malta’s Best Tech Companies and Solutions. Read the official announcement here.

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