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In early 2020, Crosscraft commissioned 9H Digital to transform its e-commerce into an entertaining, exciting, and engaging experience by moving away from outdated techniques and delivering a revolution in customers’ expectations and experiences. 9H Digital worked with the client to redesign shopping from scratch by including the latest features and e-commerce design trends so that the product can reach a maximum audience while delivering a pleasant online shopping experience.

Work carried out on this project

Brand Positioning

Our team held several workshops with the client to reach a considered, well-informed marketing strategy by defining clear, realistic, and measurable marketing objectives for Crosscraft, as well as redesigning the brand to reflect what the business stands for and what sets it apart from competitors.

Crosscraft’s evolved brand positioning can be perceived as favorable, credible, and valuable to the customer. Since all e-commerce activities, from browsing to buying and customer service, happen online, the aim was also to create happy shoppers with Crosscraft’s customer support. Providing a great customer experience allows Crosscraft to stand out in an already saturated online retail marketplace.

After brainstorming with the client, we came to the decision to take a minimal approach for the identity, as it perfectly reflects the brand positioning. The visible elements of Crosscraft’s brand that distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds are informative and focus on delivering straightforward information to the customer to help them understand their needs and offer them a solution.

The changes to Crosscraft’s identity resulted in adopting a clean, rectangular design. This has revolutionized the old identity and made it contemporary. Using the color red has been extremely powerful in drawing customers’ attention and distinguishing the brand.

Web Design & Development

The website was built from scratch and completely revamped, including recreating content, refreshing layouts, and improving navigation for better performance and conversions. Our team of designers has created an e-commerce website where modern users feel confident enough to buy. By following a customer-centric strategy in the redesign approach, Crosscraft is now able to provide a positive customer experience throughout their entire shopping journey through a seamless purchasing experience.

What we achieved from this project

Members on this project

Gerhardt Camilleri

Position - Head of Client Success - Tech Contribution in Project - Project Manager

Luke Vella

Position - Head of UX Strategy Contribution in Project - UX Design


Position - Contribution in Project - Web Development

Alpesh Nakrani

Position - Web Developer - Mid. Contribution in Project - Web Development

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