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A Vibrant


Known for its diverse range of shops, restaurants and welcoming environment, Campus Hub has evolved beyond a student accommodation to become one of Malta’s leading multifaceted destinations, catering for a wide range of needs.

Campus Hub approached us to support them in shifting the prevalent misconception that the venue is solely a destination for students. This is what created the need for a compelling digital marketing campaign aimed at repositioning Campus Hub as an inclusive and welcoming hub for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Work carried out on this project

About the project

We envisioned a campaign that showcased Campus Hub as a versatile space, catering not only to the academic needs of students but is also accurately perceived as a vibrant marketplace for tech, fitness, stationery, groceries, and an array of restaurants. We strategically paired contrasting brands together within Campus Hub, creating visually appealing compositions that showcased the diverse offerings of the campus.

Utilising this approach, photography played a pivotal role in conveying the message that we wanted to transmit with this campaign, as it allowed us to emphasise the aspect of versatility across different brands. Making sure to emphasise Campus Hub’s appeal, we incorporated the elements of spending quality family time and the availability of free parking into our creative concept, since we felt that these factors would attract more people to visit the venue.



Having previously supported Campus Hub with branding, for this campaign we aimed for an evolution rather than a radical departure from the existing visual identity. Geometrical elements, inspired by the brand’s roundness were incorporated. The use of semi and quarter circles added a fresh dimension to the visual language, reinforcing the hub’s adaptability. Paired with a vibrant photography style, we managed to captivate and reflect Campus Hub’s fun and diverse appeal to young and mature audiences alike.

Once the creative concept was approved by the client, we proceeded to map out and generate the required content over a 4 month campaign. This included a mix of static posts, animations & reels highlighting Campus Hub’s dynamic atmosphere and range of outlets. Using Campus Hub’s The Piazza as the main headline, we launched the campaign on Facebook & Instagram, targeting a wide audience in line with the client’s main objectives.

What we achieved from this project


The campaign successfully shattered any previous misconceptions about Campus Hub being a venue exclusively for students, to the delight of our client. With an evidently bigger footfall, Campus Hub managed to elevate its brand presence and perception, effectively having repositioned itself as a versatile destination that caters for the needs of people across all demographics.

Members on this project

Karla Naudi

Position - Project Owner - Jnr Contribution in Project - Project Management

Chiara Turchi

Position - Design Operations Lead Contribution in Project - Project Management

Philip Mercieca

Position - Head of Design Contribution in Project - Design Lead

Ilaria Fanigliulo

Position - Graphic Designer Contribution in Project - Designer

Sara Micallef

Position - Project Owner Contribution in Project - Content Creation

Menna Salem

Position - Digital Marketing Executive - Mid. Contribution in Project - Campaign Management

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